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dc.contributor.authorSheremet, Oleg-
dc.contributor.authorШеремет, Олег Семенович-
dc.identifier.citationSheremet O. S. The role of the factors determining national character in building civil society. Cuestiones políticas (Julio - Diciembre 2021). 2021. Vol. 39 № 69. Р. 774-795.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe article deals with the mechanism of impact of sociopsvcliological phenomena such as the national character and the political mentality in the construction and functioning of civil society. It aims to show the impact of climate, religion, and the perception of happiness on the state of civil society through details of a national nature. The main research method is to compare data from global research on the state ot civil society with data from climatic conditions, dominant religions, and happiness indices. The article proves coincidently that these factors are reflected in such essential characteristics of civil society as «openness» and «closedmindedness». The interaction between the national character and the construction of civil society has two stages. It is concluded that the results obtained are important to evaluate the prospects for the construction and development of civil society in different countries and regions of the world. Further research in this direction involves the study of other aspects of the impact of national character and political mindset on the functioning of civil society.en_US
dc.publisherCuestiones políticasen_US
dc.subjectcivil societyen_US
dc.subjectnational characteren_US
dc.subjectpolitical mentalityen_US
dc.subjectclimatic factoren_US
dc.subjectreligious factoren_US
dc.titleThe role of the factors determining national character in building civil societyen_US
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