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Поле DCЗначенняМова
dc.contributor.authorShynkaruk, O.-
dc.contributor.authorШинкарук, О.-
dc.contributor.authorKostiukevych, V.-
dc.contributor.authorКостюкевич, В.-
dc.contributor.authorMitova, O.-
dc.contributor.authorМітова, О.-
dc.contributor.authorGriban, G.-
dc.contributor.authorГрибан, Г.-
dc.contributor.authorAdyrkhaiev, S.-
dc.contributor.authorАдирхаєв, С.-
dc.contributor.authorAdyrkhaieva, L.-
dc.contributor.authorАдирхаєва, Л.-
dc.contributor.authorKozeruk, Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorКозерук, Ю.-
dc.contributor.authorSemeniv, B.-
dc.contributor.authorСеменів, Б.-
dc.contributor.authorZhlobo, T.-
dc.contributor.authorЖлобо (Редько), Тетяна Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorBakatov, V.-
dc.contributor.authorБокатов, В.-
dc.contributor.authorHres, M.-
dc.identifier.citationShynkaruk O., Kostiukevych V., Mitova O., Griban G., Adyrkhaiev S., Adyrkhaieva L., Kozeruk Yu., Semeniv B., Zhlobo T., Bakatov V., Hres M. Monitoring the functional status of highly qualified canoeing female athletes in the training process for intensive competitive activities. International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences. 2022. Vol. 10 (5). pp.1030-1039.en_US
dc.description.abstractImprovement of training and its intensification are related to the possibilities of targeted management of the functional capabilities of athletes. One of the key elements of such management is a system of physiological measurements that provides feedback on the expressiveness and nature of the impact of a complex of influences on the body in the course of training. The aim is to monitor the functional status of female athletes in canoeing in the training process for intensive competitive activities. Methods: analysis of competitive activities (video analysis, analysis of result cards), pedagogical observation, methods of functional diagnostics using tools: “MetaMax 3b” gas-analytical complex, KayakPro C1N Canoe Ergometer, “Polar” heart rate monitors. The research involved four competitive female athletes, members of the national canoeing team of Ukraine. Differences in the functional status of female athletes based on the indicators of maximum oxygen consumption, working capacity, respiratory coefficient, heart rate, oxygen pulse, pulmonary ventilation, maximum power for 10s were established. This is due to the individual and age characteristics of the female athletes of the canoe group, their inclination to work in different orientations. The results of functional monitoring of female athletes also depend on the main distances of 200, 500, 5000 m, in which female athletes usually perform and achieve the best time indicators. The monitoring of the functional status of female athletes made it possible to form a crew for the C-2500m distance, where work of a mixed anaerobic-aerobic nature is performed, and for the C-1200 m sprint distance. The recovery time of female athletes, technical interaction in the crew were taken into account. This distribution of crews allowed female athletes to take prize-winning places in the final of the 2021 Olympic Games (Tokyo, Japan).en_US
dc.publisherInternational Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciencesen_US
dc.subjectFemale Athletesen_US
dc.subjectFunctional Statusen_US
dc.titleMonitoring the functional status of highly qualified canoeing female athletes in the training process for intensive competitive activitiesen_US
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